elevatorshoesUnlike traditional heels, elevator shoes can help women to appear taller without the risk of foot pain. While heels are often uncomfortable and difficult, these type of shoes can be worn similar to any other dress shoe or sneaker. Elevator shoes also hide the lifting effect from spectators so that women can appear taller subtly and elegantly.

Why Wear Elevator Shoes?

Traditional heels add height while also enhancing the legs and curves of the wearer. However, heels can be difficult to walk in especially during rainy seasons. Plus, nothing is more painful or uncomfortable than dancing all night while in heels. Heels can also be inappropriate in certain professional situations.

In these instances, women can opt for elevator shoes instead to get the confidence and curves they desire. The shoes work by utilizing a subtle insole to help increase height by lifting the heel of the foot. The effect may not be as drastic as traditional heels, but it is similar and much more comfortable. Depending on the insole, women can gain a few inches of height while also enhancing their calves.

Another benefit of height increasing shoes is their versatility. They can be worn in the office, at the club, or just for walking around town depending on the style. Most importantly, elevator shoes are actually comfortable and supportive compared to traditional heels.

Different Types of Elevator Shoes

Height increasing shoes are either sold as both the shoe plus insole or as a separate insole to be placed in your shoe. The shoe itself can be any style, but the insoles are generally very different depending on their purpose. Foam insoles generally provide more support and are ideal for walking or casual wear. Wood insoles are sturdier and more ideal for professional meetings where more height is desired. Plastic insoles offer greater arching but may be more uncomfortable when worn for longer periods of time. Finally, rubber insoles provide a great compromise of height and comfort for daily wear.

Finding Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes can be found at a variety of online and offline retailers. Prices vary depending mostly upon the shoe’s material, but the insoles can also vary in prices depending on the quality and materials as well. It’s best to try the shoes in a store at first to ensure that they work perfectly with your body. Play around with the different insoles available to see which fit you best. After finding the right elevator shoe, you will have all of the confidence gained from heels but with the added pleasure of comfort!